Weblog 11142011

Amazing how an aching tummy (damn you milk tea!) inspired me to update my blog. Since I can't go to sleep and my mind keeps on commenting on things that I see and read, I decided to use this opportunity to make some posts here. Random thoughts:

  • Respect speaks of the "How" and not the "Why". You can never be disrespectful for believing in something, or nothing, or everything. Lack of respect is a matter of action and not of intention.
  • I know everyone is entitled to have his/her own opinion, but I really think that atheism is simply stupid.
  • Sometimes, you may feel that you're a star, but in reality, you're just a clown (no offense to all the clowns out there).
  • You can never lose in life. Good experiences can become good memories, bad experiences can become good lessons. Yeah right! Tell that to my aching tummy.
Wala na. Ubos na ang lakas ko. Sakit pa rin ng tyan... Hay...

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