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Loneliness is the worst feeling in the world. Having no one to back you up, to catch you when you fall. Having no one to understand you, to know what you really think and feel. It's even worse when you are alone, and the whole world is against you. To be rejected, to not belong, to be alienated. And then, slowly, you begin to hate yourself. You blame yourself for your imperfections, for all the things that people do not like about you. Unwittingly, you start to reject the only person who truly understands you: yourself. You get caught in the vicious cycle of rejection and self-pity until one day, you found yourself deeply buried in your own sorrow.  It never occurred to you that you were never alone in the first place. I was there, but you chose to look the other way. When you thought that the world was against you, I was there by your side, together with all the people who believe in you, who supports you. You got caught by the darkness of your situation that you failed to see the