I silently prayed...

"Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference..."

And then, another prayer...

"Lord, grant her the serenity to accept the things she cannot change, the courage to change the things she can, and the wisdom to know the difference..."

After one very long deep breathe, I made up my mind.

It is time.

I know that once I crossed the line, there is no turning back. Facing uncertainty with so much to lose and so little hope of winning, I braced myself for the outcome. And so it hit me, and I must admit, no matter how prepared I think I was, it hit me hard.

There are battles where you know that you will certainly win, but for one reason or another, you should not go to. And still there are battles where you know that you have so little chance of winning, and yet you have to face them. Alas, this one is the latter.

There are also battles in which you have no intention of joining, but because of someone else's foolishness, you are dragged right in the middle and forced to fight. This is what she is facing.

Sometimes, you have to experience defeat to learn a valuable lesson. Sometimes, you have to face your deepest fear to move on, to grow, to mature. And sometimes, you need to get hurt to become better and stronger.

Most of the time, the future you tried so hard and so long to build will crumble in an instant right in front of your eyes. Fear not, for there is always a reason, and a good one it is. Just believe. And trust. In yourself, and most importantly, in God.

"Life has great options, you don't always have to pick what seems best. Sometimes, the best and the perfect will not make you happy. You may have chosen what seems wrong or caught in a not so good situation but at times, it is through them that our lives become better."

Never forget the 22nd of July, year 2007.

A lot has happened to me these last few months... Hindi ko tuloy alam kung saan magsisimula... Hmmm.... I guess I'll start with my over-extended birthday! Nakakatuwa kasi narealize ko nung birthday ko na ang tanda ko na pala... Nyahahaha! Pero more than the age, I made a bigger realization: sa maiksing panahon pa lamang ng pamamalagi ko sa mundong ito, napakarami ko na palang nakasalamuha at nakilalang tao. Most of them became my friends, a handful became my most hated persons. Nakakalungkot lang isipin na bibihira ko na lang nakaka-usap yung iba lalo na yung mga taga-Malolos. Going back to my birthday, talagang extended yung celebration ko, thanks to my SGV friends... Kasi naman, kalimutan ba na birthday ko... hmp! Di bale, bumawi naman kayo e. =) Sa office, syempre andun yung usual kantahan at gift-giving: my favorite tiramisu cake! Thanks alshe!

So much for my birthday, blog naman ako regarding work. After almost 5 months, I'm starting to love it! At sabi nga ni pareng rodg: if you love your work, you work no more. Pero there are other reasons why I love going to work... di ba insan??? hehehe...

Ano pa ba... yung reunion pala sa kalibutbut... Swimming, inuman, kainan, kwentuhan, sugalan... hehehe... san ka pa? At meron pang mga babaeng magaganda... kasi madilim at nakainom kame... nyahahaha!

Wala na ako maisip.. next time na lang ulit... Over and out.