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My Final Fantasy III

 "Some day, you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again." - C.S. Lewis When I was young, fairy tales (and cartoons, in general) provided me with a world of vast opportunities and possibilities, allowing me to be transported to different realities with no limitations and no fears. I would routinely battle bad guys with King Arthur and the Knights of Justice, with my powerful dragon coming out of my shield and burning my enemies. My fear of heights would not hinder me from showering with pixie dust and flying together with Peter Pan and the lost boys, playing tricks on Captain Hook and his band of pirates.  One of the first books that I bought for myself was "When the clock struck thirteen". As a young child with very few life experiences, I could only imagine the fear, excitement, disappointments, and hope that the iron boy felt when the clock struck thirteen, allowing him to move and embark on an adventure to become a real boy. I remember feeling so sc