Yes, I do read my friends' blogs and bulletin board posts. For me, it is part of my responsiblity as a friend to "listen" to whatever feelings they want to express. It is a part of the never-ending process of getting to know one's friends, a simple way to keep oneself updated of what is happening to his friends amidst great distance and busy schedules. Thanks a lot, Friendster.

"Love is an ugly, terrible business, practised by fools. It will trample your heart and leave you bleeding on the floor. And what does it really get you in the end? Nothing but a few incredible memories that you can never shake. The truth is, there's always gonna be other girls out there, I mean, I hope.  But I'm never gonna get another first love.  That one's always gonna be her." - Little Manhattan

The question I have been asking over and over to myself: why do we love someone eventhough we know that in the (near) future, our heart will eventually be "trampled" upon and left bleeding on the floor? Are those "few, incredible memories" enough to tell yourself that it is worth all the pain?

Someone once told me that you can never experience the joy of loving without experiencing the pain of hurting first. Back then, it sounded stupid. Now, I know better.

It is through hurting that we learn how to appreciate the people that we love. It is when we hurt them, or when they hurt us, do we realize that we love them enough to feel pain, and to bear that pain because of them. True love is the realization that beyond the pain, beyond the betrayal, beyond the hate, anger, and broken dreams, we are still willing to accept that person, come what may.

Intoxicating poison inside my heart
Vast imagination filling my thoughts
Inscribing your name deeep within my soul
Everything inside me is nothing but you

Denying myself of my own freedom
Engaging my mind with mem'ries of you
Just a dream of you is heaven to me
Enslaved myself with your wit and beauty

Simple and gentle, firm and resilient
Unparalleled talents of mind and body
Stunning as a nature's goddess of perfection
Just to see you is a dream come true

Oh fair young lady, please never forget
Sometime, somewhere, your vines caught my heart
Unworthy as I am of your care and affection
Every part of me will never cease to love you... I promise