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true love?

I once thought I know what true love is.

Really, do I?

Is it the feeling every morning when I wake up and start looking for her?

Is it the immeasurable frustration that I feel when I don't see or hear her for a day, the unexplainable sadness of not smelling her perfume?

Is it the extraordinary joy that I feel when I'm sitting beside her, her head peacefully resting on my shoulder?

Nah, that can't be it.

Perhaps it is the never ending pain and suffering of losing her...

...or maybe the nights without sleeping and the days without eating...

...or can it be the weekly inuman with peers and friends?

I don't think so.

They say that true love is the satisfaction and contentment one feels when one is with his special someone.

Then what if I'm not with her? Can I say that I truly love her?

And when a relationship ends, is it true love to hold on, or to move on?

"Love may take long. But it will always take you where you belong. Just hold on and enjoy the journey. No need to worry b…

Why do I blog?

For all the people who keep on asking me this question, here are my answers:

1. If you read Harry Potter books, then you probably know what a pensieve is. Writing on a blog is like storing one's thoughts in a pensieve. However, since I have no pensieve and I am no wizard,  I have no choice but to litter my thoughts here in my blogsite. There are times when there are so many thoughts swimming around my mind, writing them down on a blog provides great mental relief. As an added bonus, I can easily "browse" through my previous thoughts when they are written down.

2. Yes, you may have noticed, I am a frustrated poet/essayist. Blogging provides me with a free venue for publishing my works.

3. There are times when a topic/issue tickles my mind so much but there is no one whom I can debate with.

4.  Blogging improves my language (English/Filipino) skills. It improves my grammar, vocabulary and writing style.

5. Like my friend Randy, I want my life to be fully-documented, so that ou…


I long to tell you
How much I need you
If I could find the words to say
I’d never have to feel this way
Not knowin’ just what to do when I’m with you

My friends, they tell me
That I shouldn’t hurry
Yet this feelin’ keep goin’ strong
‘Cause you keep it goin’ on
Though I have to say how much I love you

(Oh) Anna, can’t you tell and see
What you’re doin to me
Oh, Anna, this feelin’ I just can’t hide
Keeps drivin’ me wild
Oh Anna, I need you here with me
I wish it could be.
Oh Anna, won’t you stay with me?

Your eyes they look through me
Your smile, they push me
I’ve never thought I’d love again
But this time I hope it never ends
I have to tell you know how I love you.

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

Oh, Anna

(Repeat Chorus)

To See her

Hindi mo ba napapansin...
Sa yo ako'y may pagtingin?
Hindi mo kaya nadarama...
Sulyap sa yo nitong mga mata?

Inaabangan ang yong mga gawi
Nasasabik sa yong mga ngiti
Umaasang minsan ay dumampi
Makinis mong pisngi dito sa 'king labi

Tanggapin mo kaya, magandang binibini
Pagtingin kong sa yo lamang lagi?
Pansinin mo naman, damdamin kong sawi
Binihag ng yong ganda at yumi

Sana'y sa pag gising sa umaga,
Mukha mo ang una kong makita.
Sa pagdilat ng inaantok na mata,
Init ng yakap mo ang aking madama.

Bakit hindi kayang sabihin,
Nilalaman nitong damdamin?
Bakit hindi kayang iparating,
Ikaw ang tangi kong hiling?

Kung sa pagtulog lang kita mahahagkan,
Kung sa panaginip lang kita mahahalikan,
Kung sa pangarap, tayo ay magkapiling
Mas nanaisin pang wag na sanang magising

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