Why do I blog?

For all the people who keep on asking me this question, here are my answers:

1. If you read Harry Potter books, then you probably know what a pensieve is. Writing on a blog is like storing one's thoughts in a pensieve. However, since I have no pensieve and I am no wizard,  I have no choice but to litter my thoughts here in my blogsite. There are times when there are so many thoughts swimming around my mind, writing them down on a blog provides great mental relief. As an added bonus, I can easily "browse" through my previous thoughts when they are written down.

2. Yes, you may have noticed, I am a frustrated poet/essayist. Blogging provides me with a free venue for publishing my works.

3. There are times when a topic/issue tickles my mind so much but there is no one whom I can debate with.

4.  Blogging improves my language (English/Filipino) skills. It improves my grammar, vocabulary and writing style.

5. Like my friend Randy, I want my life to be fully-documented, so that our future biographer would have no problem documenting our life. Hahaha!

Overall, I blog for myself. I don't really care if people read my posts, though I appreciate it if they do.

Kaya sa mga naiirita dahil laging nakikita ang mukha ko sa "Friend's Blogs" section nila o dahil sa laging nakakatanggap ng "Mon has updated his Blog" sa email nila,
paumanhin, pasensya at patawad. Inggit lang kayo... hahaha! =P


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