Project TILT: Full-[P/F]ledged

Ibyang forwarded an email this morning regarding the [erroneous] use of the word full-pledged. Based on the email, the correct term is full-fledged.

Doing a quick search of "full-pledged" in google resulted in:

Apparently, Google already knows that it is wrong. Quote from the original email:
The term has its roots in the adjective fledged, which means a young bird having wing feathers that are large enough for flight. On a figurative level, the term fledged refers to a person or thing that have just taken on the role specified. Example: Our discipline is so new fledged that the FBI had to take its cases to the Smithsonian for analysis.
By the way, the email was sent to Ibyang by their speaker (Ms. Janet Villa) in Effective Business Writing.


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