Tech Goodies from CDR-King

I'm an avid fan of cdr-king products. I know quality is not that high, but value for your money more than compensates for the occasional defective products that you will receive. Besides, with so many store outlets around metro manila, it is quite easy to replace them.

The most recent item that I bought here is Energizer's Energi-to-go. This allows me to recharge my mobile phone battery anytime, any where. For example, I'm here at school right now and my battery is around 12%. With my energi-to-go, I don't need to look for electrical outlet to charge my phone. Though it won't fully charge my phone (I think up to around 50% only), the convenience of having a mobile charger is worth the P380 that I paid for this. It's like having an extra battery!

Nandito na ang prof namin. To be continued later...

Ok, back to blogging... Wala yung professor namin sa 2nd subject, maaga kami naka-uwi. Yehey!

I'll end this post by listing other CDR-King items that I currently have. Mag-create na lang ako ng separate posts in the future regarding my experience with these products.
1. Wireless Keyboard
2. Battery Charger + Rechargeable Batteries
3. Privacy Screen
4. USB extension
5. Earphones extension

PS. Nung binabasa ko yung post ko na ginawa sa school, para pala akong endorser. Hehehe...
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Jen said…
you do sound like an endorser kambal! hahahaha!!!

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