HSBC Sucks

Sakit sa ulo ng HSBC!

My story:

I subscribed to JustHost two years ago for my web hosting. Last February 28, JustHost charged my credit card for the auto-renewal fee. Actual renewal date is March 7, 2011. On March 1, 2011, I complained to JustHost and on March 3, 2011, JustHost cancelled my account and issued a full refund.

Now on the HSBC side:
JustHost transaction was posted March 4, 2011 for USD190.80 converted to PHP8,537.85. Reversal was posted March 7, 2011 for USD190.80 converted to PHP8,041.79. Obviously, the difference is due to the different exchange rate used by HSBC for the debit and the credit amounts.

Naturally, I contacted HSBC and they told me that I need to contact the merchant. Contact the merchant for what??? JustHost charged me USD190.80, and reversed a corresponding USD190.80! Since this is a reversal of a past transaction, shouldn't HSBC used the exchange rate for the past transaction?!

Now I am having headaches due to the numerous forms and documents that they are requiring me to fax to them for transaction dispute. Once this dispute is done, I will definitely stop using HSBC and switch to Citibank.


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