Random Questions on Pride and Love

What is Love? What is Pride? Is Pride the absence of Love? Or is Love the absence of Pride? Are we naturally proud? Or are we naturally loving? Can we love when we are proud? Can we be proud when we are in love?

So many questions, asked since the beginning of time, yet no one has the definite and absolute answer.

Is there an answer? I think, or I hope, there is. It may not be universal, it may not be absolute, but it is the one I believe in.

Every one of us, when we are born, is naturally loving. If nurtured and reared in a perfect environment, every one of us can become reflection of God. We do not, however, live in a perfect environment. Thus, our natural loving nature is replaced by pride as we grow up. It is our natural response to the cruel and competitive world that we live in.

Love is the absence of pride. It is the state where we start to think more of others than of ourselves. It is when we put the well-being of others before ours. It is doing what is best for them even if it means being hurt, left, and/or humiliated.

As we mature, we may or may not revert to our naturally loving selves. Sometimes, we may even confuse pride as "love" (i.e., love for ourselves). Despite the numerous role models on love that we have throughout history, we decide to ignore them in our actions even though we invoke them non-sparingly in our words. As long as we think of our well-being before the well-being of others, we will never experience love at its truest, finest, and purest form.

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud." - 1 Corinthians 13:4


Jen said…
in your own personal experience, do you think you have/are experienced/ing love in its truest, finest, and purest form?

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