Two young hearts found their way to each other.
I know of them both, a friend and a best.
True love they share, been always together,
Envy of many and dream for the rest.

Never will anything separate them
Cause their love will break the biggest mountain.
Not even Time nor Death nor precious Gem
Can ever make their love to void be lain.

I’m thankful to God for letting me see
These wondrous moments of my two dear peers
I know that these will last eternity
A life full of genuine bliss – and no Tears.

To my dear friends, I wish you happiness,
True happiness, maybe more, nothing less.

Infinite Fate

Sonnet V
11/05/00; 1:14 a.m.

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An angel in disguise came to my life
And never did she ever leave my side
She's always on my side when I'm in strife
And she reminds me when I'm in dark tide.

Her heart is as white as an angel's wing
Her mind as sharp as a Heavenly Sword.
With purity that only she can bring,
I am always saved from the evil lord.

This is the reason I am so alarmed
Because I am afraid to fall for her.
With her near perfection, I might get charmed,
And sooner lose her, that, I cannot bear.

I thank you my angel for being here.
You just don't know how you to me are dear.

Infinite Fate
Sonnet IV

Who are you? What are you doing to me?
I call on all the powers here on Earth,
Protect me from this force I do not see,
This force called Love who haunts me since my birth.

This Love who keeps me sleepless every night
This Love who gives me pains and sufferings
Love that confuse me what’s dark and light
Nothing but problems and trials it brings.

But on second thought, Love’s not that evil.
It isn’t even Love which makes things bad.
It is those people who cannot reveal,
The true intentions and purpose It brings.

If used wisely, Love can be productive.
In stupid’s hands it will be destructive.

Infinite Fate

Sonnet III

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