Shall I compare thee to a sweet deity
Thou art more lovely and full of beauty
Even Aphrodite will envy thee
And gorgeous Psyche herself will look ugly.

Sometimes a deity’s face is not her heart,
And often is her charm used for evil
And ev’ry fair from fair sometime start
Declining because of her heart of steel.

But thy eternal beauty shall not fade
Nor lose possession of that fair thou own
Nor shall Death drag thy mem’ries to be laid
For thy face and heart, to love both they’re grown.

So long as I know that thou art my friend,
So long will I live with a goddess friend.

Infinite Fate
Sonnet II

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My head is aching, my heart is pounding.
Don’t know what to do, don’t know whom I love.
Two dear ladies my heart is desiring,
Beautiful, charming, goddesses of love.

Their sweet smiles and laughter brighten me up,
Their glittering eyes, beauty to behold!
With their enchanting looks, make my heart stop,
Even Aphrodite will be ignored.

With this confusion in my heart and mind,
I lie helpless on my bed, thinking of them.
Wishing that love is not that confined
So as not to choose between the two of them.

For decisions are difficult to make
And relationship so easy to break.

Infinite Fate
Sonnet I
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