Android Apps [PDJ01]

A few days ago, a friend of mine emailed me and asked what Android apps she can use for the following:
  1. Download Youtube videos
  2. View/edit Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  3. Download music/pics
  4. Create collage of pictures
Photo taken from this site
Here are my answers:
  1. TubeMate - this is not available in Google Play Store. Download from and manually install.
  2. ThinkFree Office (I think this is included by default in Samsung Phones). Alternatives are Polaris Office or Kingsoft Office.
  3. aDownloader (download using torrents).
  4. Ay wala akong alam na pangcollage ng pics. Hehehe. Si Jen tanungin mo jan, most naman ng meron sa iphone, meron na rin sa android.
On how to manually install applications in Android:
  1. Go to Settings -> Applications -> Unknown sources (this should be checked). Warning: Enabling this may allow malicious apps to be installed in your phone. Use with caution.
  2. Download/copy the app to your phone (file extension should be .apk).
  3. Browse and run the file using your phone's file explorer.
  4. Follow the instructions and the app will be installed.


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