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Weblog 072411

The weekend is about to, uhm, well... end. I miss my kambal. Did nothing but sleep, sleep, and sleep some more. Also watched some episodes of Samurai X, 24, and Gundam Wing. This evening, I walked along Timog and just drank the coldness of the night. I really miss my kambal.

Damn You Autocorrect!

This website just made my day! Mukha akong tanga kanina sa jeep kakatawa dahil dito. See samples below: That's all for now. Enjoy!

Wikipedia is DOWN?!

Just a short post. My inner nerd got frustrated when I received an error message upon visiting Wikipedia: I love Wikipedia. It's a living, breathing collection of humanity's knowledge. It also proved that humanity's need for dependable information far outweighs its tendencies to vandalize everything. I think it's back now. Ciao!


Sa paglalim ng gabi, sa pagsilip ng buwan Ikaw ang laman ng aking isipan Hinahangad na iyong mahagkan Sa mahimbing na tulog, ako'y iduyan Sa panaginip, ako'y iyong samahan Saglit na lisanin ang mundo ng kaguluhan Hawak-kamay na lumipad sa kalangitan Damhin ang malamig na patak ng ulan O di kaya'y magtampisaw sa dalampasigan Na may palubog na araw sa ating likuran At sa ating mukha dumarampi ang amihan Habang isa't-isa'y ating hinahagkan Kambal kong mahal, wala nang hihilingin pa Kung sa pagtulog at pag gising, ikaw ay makasama

On Prayers and World Peace

If God gave us freedom, and He doesn't directly intervene with what is going on here on Earth, then what's the use of prayers? What's the use of asking God to make the storm miss our place, to stop the volcano from spewing out lava and ashes, and to make our work better and more tolerable? Here's a bit of statistics: There are 6.93 billion people around the world. Even if only 10% of this number prays and asks for less calamity and hardships, it is still a whopping 693 million individual persons praying to one God (with different names) for one single thing: world peace. So the question remains: with God's omnipotence and immeasurable mercy, why do the following, among others, still exist: It is estimated that globally, there are 16 million thunderstorms each year. About 50-60 volcanoes erupt every year. 20-30 are effusive (lava flows), another 20-30 are explosive. Out of 2,207 work-related suicides in 2007 (in Japan), the most common reason (672 suicides) w