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Project TILT: Ladies, how's your gait?

Reading through Quora, I found this: A woman's history of vaginal orgasm is discernible from her walk Yes, it is a legitimate research done in Belgium. Complete text of the research can be found here . For those who are too lazy to read, here's the results part of the abstract: In the sample of healthy young Belgian women (half of whom were vaginally orgasmic), history of vaginal orgasm (triggered solely by penile–vaginal intercourse) was diagnosable at far better than chance level (81.25% correct, Fisher's Exact Test P  < 0.05) by appropriately trained sexologists. Clitoral orgasm history was unrelated to both ratings and to vaginal orgasm history. Exploratory analyses suggest that greater pelvic and vertebral rotation and stride length might be characteristic of the gait of women who have experienced vaginal orgasm ( r  = 0.51, P  < 0.05). Translation: Trained sexologists was able to correctly identify girls who have history of vaginal orgasm 81.25%