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V-Day 2019

"Is life + love = happy?" -Lex This simple question, coming from a 5 year old boy, made me think about how simple life should be. In our unending quest to find happiness, we try so many things, go to different places, and aspire for various goals. We spend a lot of time, money, and energy in this seemingly unending pursuit. And most of the time, we still come home feeling tired, lonely, and unfulfilled.  My life so far has been a rollercoaster of emotions, especially the first 30 years. But someone changed everything for the better. This someone made me realize that even though life has many ups and downs, love has a way to make everything better. It is through love that we can convert a good experience into a great memory, and a bad experience into a good lesson. For when we love, we strive to become better than what we already are. When we love, we gain our north star, our purpose, our anchor, our home.  That someone is none other than my wife. To my