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Nobody knows who I really am. I never felt this empty before. And if I ever need someone to come along Who's gonna comfort me and keep me strong? And still, the journey goes on. Even on tranquil days so long. And each new phase of the moon... ...shines upon my heart with boon. So we offer a prayer. Waiting for a new day to share. Until the brilliant blue sea... ...dries up completely.

Drunk's thoughts

It's funny. Thinking that you know everything, but at the same time knowing nothing. Trying so hard to acquire something you already have. Looking ahead, behind and around but never looking inside. Neglecting things that are important to you. Being better by committing mistakes. Feeling empty by becoming perfect. Trusting and believing someone whom you know might hurt you. Being someone other than yourself. Smiling when your sad, crying when your happy. We do live in a crazy world... and that makes it worth living.

Back with a B

It has been a while since I last posted here... Have been busy lately, finished my "unfinished" businesses, settled matters with different people, and now starting a new journey while abondoning old ones.

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Wala lang akong magawa. Hehehe