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the Blog before Christmas

Just finished watching one of my favorite movies, Pay it Forward . Even though I have watched it many times before, I still am amazed at the wonderful story, great performance of the actors, and the simple uniqueness of the concept. For those who haven't watch the movie yet, the concept of Pay it Forward is really simple: you do something real good for three people, and when they ask how they can pay back, tell them to "pay it forward" to three more people, each. You have to do something very important to that person, and something that he/she cannot or would not normally do. In the movie, the concept started when one Social Science teacher gave an assignment to his 7th grade students. He asked them to think of an idea for world change, and put it into ACTION. Twelve-year-old Trevor, the protagonist in the film, came up with Pay It Forward. It is funny that even though the idea sounds really simple, it takes a lot of effort, courage and time to apply it in one's life


To exist is to be perceived. Eighteen years of wandering in this road called life made me realize that my existence in this world isn't just about me sleeping, eating, having fun, studying, and doing those other day-to-day activities. Rather, it is how gracefully I lived my yesterdays, how boldly I am facing my todays, and how wisely I will prepare for my tomorrows. Whatever perceptions other have for me at the present, due to the actions I have taken in the past, can be considered as evidences of what I will be in the future. But to exist isn't just to be seen, heard or felt by others. To exist is to be involved. Yes, you may have friends, but simply having friends is different from having these persons whom you care about, think about, and share your problems with. Yes, you may have a family, but simply having a family is different from having a father whom you think about whenever he goes to work, a mother whom you help with the household chores because you can see that she

20 Questions

(from June Mark's Friendster Blog) MGA TAUHAN Jigs - Fresh grad. Kabarkada ni Yumi. Magtatrabaho bilang researcher sa isang financial firm Yumi - Commercial Model. Kabarkada ni Jigs. 2 years ahead kay Jigs. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> TAGPO: Gabi. Sa isang kwarto ng isang beach resort. Naglalatag ng kumot si Jigs sa sahig habang inaayos ni Yumi ang kanyang higaan. YUMI Sige na, Jigs. Huwag ka nang magpaka-gentle man. Naaawa ako sa'yo e. Tabi na tayo sa kama. JIGS Hindi, okay lang ako dito. YUMI Huwag ka nang maarte. As if naman re-rapin kita no. Malaki naman itong kama e. Hatiin na lang natin sa gitna. JIGS Sure ka? YUMI Hindi mo naman siguro ako mamanyakin no? JIGS (Matatawa) Okay ka lang? YUMI Kung gusto mo, gamitin na lang natin iyang kumot na divider. JIGS Good idea. Isasampay nila ang kumot mula sa kisame para mahati ang kama sa gitna. Magse-settle down ang