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Tech Goodies from CDR-King

I'm an avid fan of cdr-king products. I know quality is not that high, but value for your money more than compensates for the occasional defective products that you will receive. Besides, with so many store outlets around metro manila, it is quite easy to replace them. The most recent item that I bought here is Energizer's Energi-to-go. This allows me to recharge my mobile phone battery anytime, any where. For example, I'm here at school right now and my battery is around 12%. With my energi-to-go, I don't need to look for electrical outlet to charge my phone. Though it won't fully charge my phone (I think up to around 50% only), the convenience of having a mobile charger is worth the P380 that I paid for this. It's like having an extra battery! Nandito na ang prof namin. To be continued later... Ok, back to blogging... Wala yung professor namin sa 2nd subject, maaga kami naka-uwi. Yehey! I'll end this post by listing other CDR-King items that I curr

Blogger + Go Daddy + Google Apps

Here is my new set-up: Blog service - provided by Blogger [Free] Domain ( - purchased from Go Daddy   [$40 for 5 years] Email ( myname - Gmail c/o Google Apps [Free] Compare this with my previous set-up: Hosting and Domain - purchased from JustHost [$190.80 per year] Blog service - installed Wordpress [Free] Sulit di ba? Mas limited nga lang ang pwede kong gawin with my current set-up. Dati, pwede ako mag-install ng iba't-ibang web software (e.g., wiki, cms, dms). Ngayon, kailangan ko pang i-explore ang Google Apps para malaman kung ano pa ang pwede kong gawin. Maglalagay sana ako ng detailed instructions on how to set-up each of these accounts, kaya lang umatake na naman ang katamaran ko... Next time na lang ulit. For now, tulugan na!

HSBC Sucks

Sakit sa ulo ng HSBC! My story: I subscribed to JustHost two years ago for my web hosting. Last February 28, JustHost charged my credit card for the auto-renewal fee. Actual renewal date is March 7, 2011. On March 1, 2011, I complained to JustHost and on March 3, 2011, JustHost cancelled my account and issued a full refund. Now on the HSBC side: JustHost transaction was posted March 4, 2011 for USD190.80 converted to PHP8,537.85. Reversal was posted March 7, 2011 for USD190.80 converted to PHP8,041.79. Obviously, the difference is due to the different exchange rate used by HSBC for the debit and the credit amounts. Naturally, I contacted HSBC and they told me that I need to contact the merchant. Contact the merchant for what??? JustHost charged me USD190.80, and reversed a corresponding USD190.80! Since this is a reversal of a past transaction, shouldn't HSBC used the exchange rate for the past transaction?! Now I am having headaches due to the numerous forms and documen

Need Eyeglasses? Get one from Labo Optical!

Just finished our Marketing class. Our topic: product and its different levels. Sobrang laugh-trip sa mga brand names na naiisip ng mga pinoy: My favorites: Caintacky Fried Chicken Side-Saki Petal Attraction Labo Optical Funenaria Mabuhay Farmacia With Love (From Russia With Love) Sylvestre's Salon Cooking Ng Ina Mo Here's my prof:

Hello Blogger!

After two years of hosting my blog in JustHost and using Wordpress, I discontinued these services and made the switch to Blogger (for the blog hosting service) and Go Daddy (for the domain management). I'll post a new blog later with the details. For now, balik muna sa "pakikinig" sa class... P.S. Nawala nga lang lahat ng stats nung luma kong blog... =( Published with Blogger-droid v1.6.7