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On History and Negativity

Note: This post is labeled Quora . This means that this is one of my posts in Quora and I am sharing/elaborating it here in my blog for posterity's sake. Q: I love History but why so much pain and death? A: It depends on which side of History you are looking. In History, like in everything else, for every death, destruction, and pain, there is also life, discoveries, inventions, and happiness.  History is like the world's diary, written by many different authors. What you learn depends on which author you read, and whatever these authors decide to write about. Another thing to consider is how YOU process the things that you read and learn. Pain and death are not the end-all of a story. They are simply realities of life, just like birth, victory, and happiness. It depends on you on which area you want to focus on. 

The Meaning of Life

The meaning of life is finding life's meaning. Analogy: Your life is a story. The lesson of the story is the meaning of your life. As you read a book, you will never fully realize its lesson until you finish reading.  As you live your life, you will never fully and conclusively find the meaning of your life until, well, until you die. Great stories are great not because the ending is great, but because every page, from beginning 'til the end, fills you up with different emotions, inspires you, teaches you something. The meaning of your life is the summary and consolidation of all your experiences. Only you have the power to make it great or boring. You may finish reading a book without fully understanding and appreciating the story's lesson. Some people live and die without really discovering the meaning of their lives. The meaning of life is living life, discovering your potentials, and using your potentials to affect your surroundings. Originally posted in Quora