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Susephya Yanib

Image from Meron kang kasambahay. Ang pangalan nya ay Susephya Yanib. Napakagaling nitong kasambahay mo sa kanyang trabaho. Dahil sa kanya, malinis ang sahig, maayos ang mga kagamitan, at masasarap ang iyong pagkain. Masayang masaya ka sa serbisyong natatanggap mo. Isang araw, bumili si Susephya ng isang "Wonder Walis" na nagkakahalagang Php2,800. Nang sumunod na araw, dumating ang iyong kaibigan kasama ang kanyang kasambahay. Tuwang tuwa sila sa iyong napakalinis at napakaayos na bahay. Nung tingnan nila ang Wonder Walis ni Susephya ay napansin nilang kaparehas ito ng walis tambo na gamit nila sa kanilang bahay. Pero yung walis tambo nila, Php500 lang. Nung nagpunta ka sa Department Store, nakita mo na ang presyo ng isang high-tech na vaccum cleaner ay Php2,500, mas mura pa sa Wonder Walis ni Susephya. Dahil dito ay nag-imbistiga ka ng iba pang mga binili ni Susephya. Ang toilet bowl sa inyong palikuran ay binili nya sa halagang Php32,400

Weblog 2014-10-22

I love the elegant simplicity of this life lesson: You never lose in life. Good experiences become good memories. Bad experiences become good lessons.

Random Thoughts on Parenthood and Battles

Like other important lessons in life, being a parent is something that you will never truly learn by reading, studying, and asking other people. You can only genuinely understand the feeling, the pressure, the happiness, the concerns, the excitement, the worries, and the satisfaction of being one by experiencing it. It's like the difference between riding a roller coaster and watching other people ride it, listen to them about their experience, or reading about them in books. It doesn't mean that preparing to become one is useless. As a matter of fact, I strongly suggest that you do. Read a lot of parenting books. Interview your parent friends. Attend seminars, parenting sessions, etc. Equip yourself with all the lessons that you can get before you go into battle. No, I am not exaggerating. Parenthood IS a battle. It is a never-ending battle of time and attention between your family and yourself. It is a constant battle between your pocket and that damn baby store. It is a

Life Recipe

This diagram is too good not to be shared: For a couple of weeks (or months?) now, I have been thinking of a way to use what I know to generate additional stream(s) of income. I have been reading a lot of questions and answers in Quora (which I really recommend because of its very high quality content) and found the diagram above. The problem is identifying that one idea, concept, skill, talent, or asset that falls within those circles. Also, it is not really easy to determine if you are "good" with something, or if that something pays well. Nonetheless, hope this proves to be a good tool in my (and your) introspection.