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Windows 8: First Impressions

Just finished installing and "skimming" through Microsoft's newest operating system, Windows 8. Overall, I think it's good but not great. Two key factors that are glaringly different from previous versions of Windows are: (1) the new "Metro/Modern UI", and (2) the lack of Start Menu in "Desktop" interface. Windows 8 is due for commercial launch on October 26. Developers and manufacturers, however, were already provided with Released-to-Manufacturing (RTM) version of the OS last August 1. Install time is pretty impressive, just around 30 minutes of installation and configuration, from putting the DVD in the drive to being operational and in ready-to-use state. This includes formatting and partitioning of hard drive, installation of OS, setting up a new Microsoft account, and customizing the user interface (keyboard, language, background image, color scheme). (Note: I read in Techradar that installing the OS using USB, Solid-State Drive (SSD), a