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More than a month after...

Miss ko na ... ang mga kulitan, mga kwentuhan, asaran, kumustahan... mga sabihan ng problema, bigayan ng payo... Miss ko na makita ng malapitan ang yong mga ngiti... Araw-araw mang nakikita... ...miss na miss na kita

Infinite Guides

Never find reasons to help others. Just help. After helping, do not ask them to pay you back. Instead, ask them to pay it forward. Faced with two choices, use the following guides to decide: a. Between two good choices, choose the one that will benefit most people. b. Between one that will hurt yourself and one that will hurt others, choose the one that will hurt yourself. c. Between two choices that will hurt other people, choose the one that will hurt the least. Tell the people you love how you really feel. And tell them now. Have no regrets. Pray. Always. Happy or sad, triumphant or defeated, whatever your mood is, never forget to pray.