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Success And Failure

Q: Why is it that no matter how hard I try, I still fail? A: It depends on whose perspective you want to get. A pessimist would say that your objectives are too high and unreachable. An optimist would say that reaching your objectives is simply a matter of time and distance. You just need to exert the required amount of effort to get you from where you are to where you want to be, given the right direction. A pessimist would say that you don't have the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve your objective. An optimist would say that knowledge and skills are simply tools to reach your objectives. Anybody can learn new knowledge and gain new skills whenever they want. You may not learn as fast as the other person, but if you really try, you WILL gain those tools. A pessimist would say that your efforts are fruitless and result to nothing. An optimist would say that even if you don't achieve your objectives now, you can use the experiences that you gained from that

Project TILT: Empathy and Compassion

This is definitely one of the best answers I have read on Quora: " When Empathy hurts, Compassion can heal" Read the full question and answer here .