Project TILT: Freakonomics

I have just finished reading Freakonomics (and currently reading its sequel, SuperFreakonomics) and learned A LOT regarding different topics and subjects. Core to the book's theme is the power of incentives to the different aspects of a person and society in general. To give a brief glimpse of the contents of the book, here are the topics per chapter, as copied from Wikipedia:

  • Chapter 1: Discovering cheating as applied to teachers and sumo wrestlers, as well as a typical Washington DC area bagel business and its customers
  • Chapter 2: Information control as applied to the Ku Klux Klan and real-estate agents
  • Chapter 3: The economics of drug dealing, including the surprisingly low earnings and abject working conditions of crack cocaine dealers
  • Chapter 4: The role legalized abortion has played in reducing crime, contrasted with the policies and downfall of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceau┼čescu
  • Chapter 5: The negligible effects of good parenting on education
  • Chapter 6: The socioeconomic patterns of naming children (my least favorite topic)
Depending on my laziness meter, I may post subsequent Project TILT posts under this theme. =)

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