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Neglect is such a common thing in this world. No matter where you go, you will always hear someone neglecting something. I wonder if it is just human nature, but neglect is so prevalent that people actually expect it to happen in a given timespan. For example, when parents are buying their children new toys, one of the factors they will consider is the amount of time that the child will probably play with those toys. "Dalawang araw lang pagsasawaan din nya yan, tapos hindi na nya papansinin", is a common sentiment that you can hear a mother in the toy store.

Neglect is when one put little or no value to something, or someone than one usually does in the past. It presupposes two things: (1) the person/thing has been valuable to him, and (2) this value that he attaches to the person/thing has gradually diminished.

The question now is, why?

Can we blame it all on human nature? Is it the fault of the person/thing?

They say that virtue is a middle point between two vices (actually, it was my brother Kel who told me this). If neglect is one of the two vices sandwiching a virtue, what is the other vice? Is it obsession? Placing too much value on someone/something? If so, then how can you determine the "proper" level of attention to be accorded to someone or something?


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