Some time, somewhere in my past, I dreamt of something. I wished for something. It came true.

Whether I will be happy or not, I still can't tell. For me, only History can tell if I did the right things or not. But the more important thing here is that I learned a lot. I proved to myself that there are certain lessons in life that one cannot learn except through experience.

The first two stages of love: (1) Falling in love, and (2) Falling out of love.

The first stage is nothing more than what others call "attraction" and still others, "infatuation". This is the time when we feel that we found the best and the perfect guy/girl for us. Here comes that sleepless nights, daydreaming, and butterflies in the stomach. This is also the time when we are almost completely irrational, doing things in the name of love.

And then, eventually... slowly... we fall out of love. After we know the person better, it is inevitable that we find things about him/her which do not really suit our image of our "ideal partner". Or maybe, we simply get too exhausted by the thrill of the first stage.

Finally, we come to the third stage: Deciding to love.

This is the most important and most crucial stage. For if we decide to love a person, both our mind and heart agree that he or she is the one for us. That with all his/her imperfections and short-comings, you still believe that you are meant for each other. This, I believe, is what love really means.

I learned. I learned to love. I loved.

I remember many people telling me before not to engage in a relationship just yet. They told me that it will only interfere with my studies and my ambition of becoming a CPA (post note: I'm already a CPA!). Many peers advised me that love is equal to sleepless nights, skipped lunches, and sacrificed time. Back then, I wanted to prove them wrong. I desired to show them that I can do better, that I can do the impossible: to conquer love.

I failed. Miserably. Terribly.

But still, they are not completely correct. Those statements are half-true as well as they are half-false. To fall in love, to be in love, is nothing but complete bliss. A love that one unwillingly gives to another without expecting anything in return is nothing less than Heaven itself. Yes, there will be sacrifices, changes in priorities, and other things that we don't normally do or experience. These do not come, however, without this invaluable self-realization that makes them bearable: contentment in life comes not from our achievements and accomplishements, rather, on the feeling of loving and being loved.


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