weblog 2/17/07

I had one of my best valentines day ever. Yup, i am single, and that made it the best. I spent the day with my barkada, going to different places, having a massage, drinking and reminiscin the good old days. It was fun, and costs way less than an "ordinary" valentines day.

It's funny that I enjoy being single right now. Coming from my past relationships, it really isn't surprising. Mabuhay ang NGP (tama ba, rodg? hahaha)!

It's stupid for people to go looking for love when it is staring them in the face, and it's stupider to keep holding on, thinking that there is still love, while in reality there is only insecurity and fear. Love begins with friendship, nurtured by care, sincerity, affection, respect, and most specially, TRUST. Without these, there can never be love.

But then again, there is this unexplainable void inside me which I feel couldn't be filled up. Well, not yet.

Anyways, I started working yesterday (yes, i'm a bum no more! bwahaha) . Met my batchmates and I really am excited. I hope, and I feel, that this job would last. Hahaha...


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