Random thoughts on Pride and Love

Hate is not the antithesis of love. Pride is.

Hate is a distinct, strong emotion that is directly connected with love. You can never hate someone without loving him/her first, because it is exactly because you care for him/her, that's why you subsequently feel hatred towards that person. If you do not love a person, if you do not care for that person, then you won't give a damn about him/her, thus you will have no feelings towards him/her, be it hate or love.

As much as caring is a product of love, I believe that apathy is an offspring of pride. And as much as love is the source of all goodness, pride for me is the source of all evil. And so, if God is Love, the Devil is Pride.

Loving is putting God and other people first before one's self, whereas exhibiting pride is exalting one's self before everything else. A person's action, though important and also a determinant of one's personality, is second only to a person's intent. Therefore, someone who does something wrong because of his love for someone else, may be justified, exempted, or his penalty be mitigated. On the other hand, no matter how "right" a person's action may be, if it is "all for the glory of himself", we see it as nothing more than a piece of trash, perhaps even worse.

To love is to live in hapiness: in real, authentic bliss. To live in pride is to forever live in agony, despair, hopelessness and ultimately, loneliness. With love is the company of true family, friends and lovers. With pride is to suffer with users, abusers and backstabbers.

The most difficult thing about succumbing to pride is that it is almost a one-way ticket to loneliness. Once you fell prey to it, it is almost selling yourself to the Devil, because you will find yourself in a cycle wherein you unconsciously bury yourself in despair and loneliness, and the worst part of this is that you are too proud to admit that you are wrong and you are alone. I said almost, because yes, there is a way out of the cycle of pride, though it is not a way without lots of difficulties and sacrifices.

As a closing, I would like to share this simple procedure on how to make sure that we are living in love and not in pride: Ask yourself, "If Jesus is in my place, what would He do?", then open the Bible and read for yourself.


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